Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Fairy Tales Morning

To ignite learning for our new topic about Fairy Tales, we had a special Fairy Tales morning with the Junior and Middle School. We all dressed up as a character from a fairy tale and had a shared morning tea. It was lots of fun and the children are excited about learning more about the history of fairy tales. The children have written some recounts about their morning.
Thank you for taking the time to read them. Mrs Macro

This morning we had a Fairy Tales Parade. There were lots of children. I dressed up as a Pirate. CT
In the morning we had a parade. I dressed up as Peter Pan. I went up on the stage and we had morning tea. I had what my Mum made. It was cupcakes. KM
This morning it was fun and we dressed up and I dressed like a pirate. PC
This morning the children had a parade in the hall. I liked the Snow White and I liked the Cinderella. I was Cinderella. We had morning tea together. IW
This morning we had a parade. Huda was dressed up as a Tooth Fairy. We had morning tea. We had fun. DG
This morning we had a Fairy Tales Parade. We dressed up like a story. My favourite was Dorothy. It was fun and I was Cinderella. MH
This morning we had a parade. I was dressed up as a pirate. JP
This morning I dressed up as Cinderella. I had a springy dress. It is pink and I like it. It was on the stage. SH
I am Genieve. This is me. AG
This morning we had a Fairy Tales Parade. There were lots of children. I was Dorothy. She had a basket and a black dog. JR
I was a pirate. I had a sword. I had fun at the show. I played with Ethan. DD
This morning was fun. MJ
This morning I went on stage. It was fun. KG
This morning we had a Parade. EH


  1. Thank you for all your lovely stories Room 7. It sounds like you had loads of fun and your costumes must have looked fabulous. Do you have any photos for us to see?

  2. Great to see the class now has a web site we are looking forward to seeing some photos and the childrens art work. Brenda, Samuel & Isabella.

  3. Brenda, Samuel
    Great to see the stories and look forward to seeing some photos of everyones artwork.

  4. WOW room 7...what a fantastic blog. I really enjoyed looking at your work and your class photo is very very cool!! I can't wait to see more of yuor fantastic work.
    Miss Wright

  5. Hi Bella,(opps Isabella) I thougt all the girls dressed up as Snow White & Cinderella looked amazing.... Keep up the fancy dress days. Aunty Mandy

  6. Emma, Sophie and CharlotteSeptember 3, 2009 at 5:02 PM

    Hello Room 7 - you all looked fabulous at the fairy tale parade. Sophie loved the parade and especially the shared morning tea!

  7. Hello room 7!

    My name is Mary Jane and I am Mrs Macro's sister. I live in Howick too. I really liked seeing your blog page- what an exciting day you must have had on your fairy tale morning!

    Thanks for sharing some of the things you do and I hope you have a good week!

  8. Hi Mrs Macro. I'm having a nice holiday but I am a little bit sick. I love all the thing's I have done in room 7. I liked my Lion. From Jaxon.

  9. Hi Room 7. My name is Mrs Folau and I am friend of Mrs Macro's. I am a teacher too, in Papakura, and I teach children the same age as you. I met Mrs Macro in the holidays for a coffee and she told me about your blog page. So I have come in to have a look and must say, I am very IMPRESSED! You Room 7 guys do some very fun and interesting things with Mrs Macro. I look forward to seeing what sort of things you do in Term 4.