Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Kite Stories

We made a kite by ourselves. It was fun. I loved it. KG

We flew our kites on the field. The wind was so windy. JP

On Friday we flew our kite. It was fun. AG

I flew a kite on the field. The wind pulled the kite along. SH

We made a kite by ourselves. It was fun and we joined in too. MH

I flew the kite. There were lots of kites and lots of children. DD

On Friday, Room 7 had the kite day. IW

I flew the kite and the wind flew the kite into the sky. LS

I made my kite. Iwent on the field. It was fun. EH

The kite flew in the air. MJ


  1. Hi Room 7. I really love your new blog and your kite stories are fantastic! I can't wait to hear about all the other things you are learning about.

  2. Thanks for sharing your work Room 7, I'm excited to see what will be posted next

  3. Hi Room7. I am really pleased with your new blog. Your stories are really awesome.I can't wait for the next one. Just keep it coming.

    Thanks for all your hard work!!!

  4. Hi Room 7 - your classroom looks bright and cheery and so do you all! It sounds like you are having in your first year of school.